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INWASOL Watercontainer

Every INWASOL Watercontainer is designed and tailor made for the local water quality and combines water technologies for the individual water treatment of each project. The technology design depends on the water quality and on the water source: e.g. riverwater, lakes, groundwater, public water supply with low quality or water from other sources like rain harvesting.

To desgin the technology mix for a single project we need a chemical water analyses from the water source to be used. In general INWASOL uses two basic types of water purification containers:


INWASOL Containerized Water Treatment Plant

INWASOL Container for "Plug and Play"

Plug and Play - INWASOL Watercontainers are

  • preinstalled and tailor made for the water quality of each project
  • shipped and transported to the final destination - ready for "plug and play"

Watercontainer Concept(s)

for safe drinking water

Combined solutions for drinking water production in rural and suburban areas: INWASOL produces clean drinking water, locally, with pre-financed, pre-engineered and pre-installed water purification containers.