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The Clean Water Challenge

884 million people in the world lack access to safe water supplies

Water is one of the most valuable commodities on planet earth. Death, serious illness and despair are inevitable consequences without a supply of clean drinking water. In July 2010, the UN general assembly decleared clean water a "fundamental human right".

Sustainable access to safe drinking water is

  • The number one factor for the macro economic development of a country and has the same or even higher importance than energy supply. Water- and energy infrastructure, are both strategic issues for the development of a country.
  • A humanitarian need and a main step to reduce poverty.

Our vision: Supply of clean drinking water in rural and suburban areas over sustainable business models and based on market mechanisms.

Producing clean water costs!

  • What we cannot do: Producing drinking water for free
  • What we can do: Producing safe drinking water based on sustainable business models and involvement of all interest

Watercontainer Concept(s)

for safe drinking water

Combined solutions for drinking water production in rural and suburban areas: INWASOL produces clean drinking water, locally, with pre-financed, pre-engineered and pre-installed water purification containers.