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Partner for Water Concepts

different partners for different kinds of projects

We need partners for

  • Finding the right projects and locations
  • Getting access to a water source and beeing allowed to use the water source
  • Setting up the individual water vending structure

We are open for different kinds of partners or partner pools for an individual and succesfull project structure, e.g.:

  • Municipalities / Politicians / Water Authorities
  • Companies / Business People
  • NGOs

Mareen Schneider, CEO Grasshopper Investments

"Finding the right partners or a partner pool is of main importance for our new water project concept. Projects for drinking water need an involvement of all interests and a basical acceptance in the local population."

Watercontainer Concept(s)

for safe drinking water

Combined solutions for drinking water production in rural and suburban areas: INWASOL produces clean drinking water, locally, with pre-financed, pre-engineered and pre-installed water purification containers.