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INWASOL Water Concepts

flexible concepts for different kinds of projects

In general INWASOL can contribute for water projects:

  • Prefinance for drinking water projects
  • Preengineered and preinstalled water containers with innovative water purification technologies
  • Operation of water production
  • Water vending concepts

In other words: Our business models are flexible. Different

  • Finance structures
  • Technical Solutions
  • Ways of operation
  • Kinds of involvement and contribution of local partners

can be mixed, optimized for each individual project and adjusted to the local situation.

INWASOL - Containerized Water Plant

The following presentation shows three examples for possible business models:

Watercontainer Concept(s)

for safe drinking water

Combined solutions for drinking water production in rural and suburban areas: INWASOL produces clean drinking water, locally, with pre-financed, pre-engineered and pre-installed water purification containers.